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Who doesn't love chocolate? And how about cake?

At Wisk, we're offering you a holiday from the ordinary travails in the kitchen and instead inviting you to create the finest, most beautiful cakes, cookies, and other bakery products that will further inspire your own efforts, and wow everyone who sees them.

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Our blog is tailored to help you the smiths

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Enter the WiskCulinary
Studio to learn from the Masters.

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Get your own set of baking tools from our curated selections.

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"I signed up for a 10 day private Master Course on Pizza with an offsite visit to a pizzeria. Special thanks to Ms. Vrinda Jatia to make this course a possibility. Appreciate the fact that they do take special efforts to personalise course based on my requirements. It had been a wonderful experience to train under the Wisk Resident Chefs. Thanks Wisk for offering something so wholesome and apt to start my own venture."

- Sweta Parekh

"The time spent here was very pleasing and comforting. Technique and skills were so developed. Thanks, had a great time."

- Siona D'souza

I have done 4 classes at Wisk and I have enjoyed each and everyone of them. Both the Chefs are very patient with us. Their dedication to help each one of us excel is wonderful. Thank you for bringing out the “inner baker” in me.

- Nicole Sengupta