5 Reasons For Wisk

1) Creative Inspiration

To inspire bakers everywhere to be more creative and create an individual identity for their art instead of recreating others’ recipes.

2) Platform for Chefs

To provide the professional chefs with a platform to showcase their skills and talent and to reach out the baking community directly to inspire creativity

3) Exclusively for Pastry

This falls under the Studio banner, our Kitchen studio is mainly and exclusively for Pastry and Baking. You may find a lot of other studio spaces all over India catering to culinary classes butnone of them is solely dedicated to the Pastry Arts, like ours.

4) Flexible Curriculum

Unlike other institutes, Wisk offers  a plethora of classes teaching different techniques and skills. This flexible curriculum helps Wisk to bring in the best techniques from around the world leading to dynamic knowledge

5) Hands On Classes

All the classes are completely hands on and each student gets their own fully equipped work station.