1) Do I need to be a professional chef to enrol for classes at Wisk?

We at Wisk offer different types of classes that cater to the baking community on a whole. Be it a novice inspired by art and creativity, or a baking enthusiast aspiring to take the stepping stones in the industry or a professional driven by passion and ambition, we have classes for everyone with different difficulty levels.

2) What types of classes do you have?

We have three different types of classes at Wisk:

  1. a) Series Classes: Conducted in the form of progressive modules where the duration of each module is 3-5 days (consecutive or spread over weeks). Techniques taught in the different modules progressively range from basic to advanced.
  2. b) Recreational Classes: Scheduled during the weekends or weekdays for the love of fun of baking. The duration of these classes are 1 day or 1 weekend and the eligibility varies from basic to intermediate.
  3. c) Events: Organized during the visit of a world renowned Chef. The duration of these events are 1-3 days and the eligibility varies from intermediate to advanced.

3) What is the duration of the classes?

Span from 1 day for recreational classes and upto 450 hrs for certificate programs that are broken down into multiple modules, where the duration of each module is 3-5 days and are progressive in nature.

4) Do I have to enrol for all the modules to do a certificate program?

Each short term program (module) covers all the steps under a given topic instead of focussing on a single technique, making it an independent program and therefore you can enrol yourself for any of the modules independently based on your requirement and eligibility. However, if you are a beginner, it is advisable to begin with module 1 of the program as the modules are progressive.

5) How many students are there in a class?

We have 12 independent workstations in the class and therefore the maximum capacity is 12 students. However,  the total number of students in each class varies and is decided by the Chef teaching the class based on the content of the class.

6) Who teaches the classes at Wisk?

We bring on board the best of the talents from the industry in India and abroad, who want to constantly inspire creativity and share the philosophy of Wisk that evolution happens only with contribution.

7) Are the classes hands on or will I be looking at chef demonstration?

All our classes are hands on. Each student gets an independent workstation with their set of equipment and ingredients and they learn how to make everything from scratch. The students also get to take home their end products.

8) What all do I have to carry for a class?

All the ingredients and equipment are provided to you in the class and therefore you are not required to carry anything apart from your own essentials and meals.

9) What is the dress code for the class?

Closed shoes, tied up hair and comfortable cotton clothing.

10) Will I get the recipes taught in the class?

We provide a student package to every student at the beginning of the class that consists of all the recipes taught in the class, the bio of the chef and some useful tips given by the Chef.

11) Are there eggless options for each class?

We teach both egg and eggless options in a class that has recipes which can be done without eggs using other substituent. However, there are some recipes that can’t be done without eggs and therefore no eggless options for those classes.

11) Can I do a class privately with the chef if the timings of a class do not suit me?

Yes you can do a class privately. However, the minimum capacity of a private class is 6 students and you will be required to either bring in 5 other students or buy the entire class yourself.