Yuvraj S Rajan.

The class at WISK was by far one of the best experiences we’ve had in a long time. It was Valentines and instead of gifting her chocolates and the boring dinner… courtesy WISK, we got to make our own!!! The whole experience (especially since I am no chef) was fantastic and shocking since we realised we could bake! She loved the idea and enjoyed the night and the chef teaching us was friendly and made it all the more better.
Thank you!

Sangeeta Meher Vasvani

Thank you chef Sunil S , the resident chef of Wisks by Cakesmiths. The fancy eclairs class conducted by him was a brilliant class.Not only is he an awesome chef, he's a great teacher who taught us with patience, enthusiasm and skill, which has made me feel so confident about baking these eclairs .. Can't wait to come back for more classes with him.. Completely recommend it !! - Sangeeta Meher Vasvani, Student

Jaya Bhansali

Fabulous fabulous fabulous.....
Did a Gourmet Pizza class with them. Chef Sunil taught really well. Class is fully hands on. No scrimping on anything - sauces, cheeses, olives, corn, ganache, brownies etc etc At the end of class we carried home 2 (12") pizzas, 1 calzone, 1 foccacia, 1 dessert pizza!!!. Definitely doing more classes with them. Spotlessly clean air conditioned kitchen and extremely generous with their ingredients - Jaya Bhansali, Student

Moshe Shek

"A lovely learning experience" - Moshe Shek, Chef, Student

Vandana Inamdar

"Very professional, detailed and helpful. Absolutely enjoyed the class!" - Vandana Inamdar, Student


"One of the finest spaces in the city. The class was absolutely professional with emphasis on techniques and creative skills. Loved it!" - Lauretta, Student

Ekta Saraf

"My experience so far has been amazing. I found out about this class through Facebook and absolutely love the ambience of the studio. It's only day 1 of this module but I already know that it's going to give me an extra edge in my baking!" - Ekta Saraf